Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1 – Shakespeare in the Park

The forecast called for rain, so I had every intention of having a Very Lazy Canada Day, but then the morning's thunderstorms cleared up and the sun came out, and it behooved me to get outside. So: a trip to the bookstore, a leisurely walk to the farmer's market, and some time on a park bench, reading and eating strawberries.

I'm on a bit of a Shakespeare kick at the moment – watching "Shakespeare Uncovered" on Netflix, planning a trip to Shakespeare in High Park later in the summer, and wishing I could pop over to visit The Globe for a tour and tea. (Strawberries and a paperback will have to do for now.) Like every dutiful English student, I have a Shakespeare anthology on my bookshelf, but if you ever had to lug one of those bad boys to English class and back, you know they aren't exactly the kind of thing you can pop in your bag or crack open on a crowded subway car. So lately I've been buying these little Penguin editions: they're just $10, they have fantastic introductory essays and comprehensive notes, and they're perfectly purse-sized. It's good to read Shakespeare again – I'm reveling in the way the language fizzes and sparks. I can almost feel my brain being rewired as I read and it is wonderful.

Now it's just getting dark and I can hear fireworks in the distance. Happy Canada Day.

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