Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 30 – Needleworking

I'm motoring right along on this wee shawl. According to the pattern, I'm 73% finished, but I've somehow only used 54% of my yarn — they probably could have stood to include the word "light" somewhere right before "fingering weight" on the label, AHEM. I'm taking a breather to think about whether I'd like to repeat any (or all) of the sections or whether I'll just complete it as written. Might give it a good old fashioned on-the-needles blocking tomorrow to see how it looks.

In other needlework news, hexagon production has slowed to a crawl and I'm going to need to pick up the pace. Of course, why do one thing when you can do five, so I'm also looking for a nice washcloth pattern – did you know that there are thousands of dishcloth patterns available on Ravelry? Of course you did.

LOOK at these amazing lace doilies. I love it when art meets craft like that.

Also, all about tweed. So good! (This entry about community cookbooks is also great.)

Anyhoodle. That's all for now.

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