Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 27 – A stitch in time

So here's a thing about being a sock knitter: eventually you become a sock darner.

You might remember these socks from before. I discovered recently that they needed a bit more help...so out came the needle and yarn and darning egg again.

And then this weekend I discovered that another pair of socks was on the verge of holey-ness. These socks – I think of them as "the first of the modern era," as they're the first pair I made when I really got back into knitting again, about six years ago – were made with a super sturdy yarn (a good 25% acrylic blend does wonders for preserving lifespan) but worn spots come even to the best of socks.

A bit of weaving, a bit of Swiss darning, a bit of making-it-up-as-I-go, and these guys are ready to go back into service for at least a little while longer. It might not be super pretty, but I find it enjoyable in its own way, and I'm certainly faster at darning socks than I am at knitting them!

More on darning: Rachel's post about her visit to The Department of Repair; Tom of Holland on darning samplers and a really cool sweater repair; Kate Atherley on darning basics in Knitty; super skilful repairs to inspire you from Addison Embroidery.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Jan 11 – The other side

Well. That was a whirlwind.

Since last we met I've packed, moved, unpacked, started my job, flown home for Christmas, flown back to Halifax, gone back to work and unpacked a bit more. I've been the lucky recipient of endless amounts of hospitality as my belongings wended their way cross-country in the back of a moving van. I'm lucky to have many kind and generous friends who've made the transition easier than I'd imagined it could be. 

In between all the travel and packing and unpacking, I marked sixty final exams and forty portfolios, enjoyed multiple goodbye parties, knitted a few tiny Christmas socks, watched a friend's son take his first steps, and ate the best part of a tin of Quality Street. Somewhere in there I ate turkey; had trifle for breakfast; soaked up as much time with friends as I could (never enough, but still: we tried).

Now I'm here, settled in to my new home, getting into the swing of a new routine. I'm mastering the hills (oh my goodness, the hills), have located the yarn shops and a knitting group (though I've barely knit a stitch – too distracted), and I hosted my first dinner party last night. My first visitor from Upper Canada is due to arrive in less than a month. It's coming together.

Today I picked up the camera and followed the sun around the apartment. Some scenes...

This bowl just glows in the right light.

A housewarming gift from my sister. Everyone needs a wiener dog to guard their keys!

These are going to be a pair of long johns, eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later: it's COLD here! (I know, I know, it's winter in Canada. But still.)

They renovated my building but left the original ceiling in the entryway.

La plus ├ža change...made these cookies and felt right at home.

A stool for perching on at breakfast time. It needs a cushion. I've got the fabric – just need to get my hands on a pillow form.

I filled the spare room with craft supplies. Naturally.

I've got a window over the sink! The perfect home for some of my favourite things.

I can watch the sun set while I wash the dishes. The skies here are spectacular – a by-product of the frigid temperatures.

Old friends.

Fresh flowers – I'm so happy that it's tulip time again.

I've always thought of clear skies like this as "Nova Scotia blue."

So that's that. Home. Hooray!