Friday, December 6, 2013

December 6

In among the gift-knitting projects I'm juggling, I've been sneaking in a few rows a day on my Wesley Bobs. Well, Wesley Bob, singular, to be precise. Considering how few stitches it has, by rights I ought to be finished by now, but I seem to be proceeding at a snail's pace. That's fine by me. Sometimes, you can eat a chocolate bar in one go, and sometimes you want to savour it a bite at a time. Same principle.

I've yet to find my festive mode, so this weekend I'm going to get serious. I'll be up early tomorrow and off to the farmer's market to get my fir branches for my "tree." I'll sneak half an hour to drink a peppermint mocha and draw up a Christmas list. And maybe I'd better make some of that Sticky Cranberry Gingerbread. (S + S, that link is for you. Enjoy!)

What do you do to help bolster your Christmas spirits?


  1. I just watched the 2012 Dr Who Christmas special. That worked pretty well. :)

  2. Ever since I started knitting my holiday gifts I've found it easier to get into the holiday spirit. I tend to find the commercialization oppressive, but I really enjoy the planning and the work of holiday knitting. I like thinking about what the people in my life will want/need and then choosing yarn and pattern and thinking about them as each piece is knit up. That, plus perusing the holiday craft markets (City of Craft, hello!) and holiday parties with friends seems to do the trick.

    Of course, a little snow wouldn't hurt either.

  3. Looking back, seems hard to believe that we were wishing for snow! Brr. I hope you had a wonderful holiday.


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