Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1 – Nova Scotia memories

My time in Nova Scotia is already receding in the rear-view mirror, so today I scrolled through the photos on my phone and picked out a few of my favourites.


The view from my friend Tara's front porch.

Heading into the city for Rise Again. Driving across the MacDonald bridge beats riding the 501 streetcar any day of the week.

We went and visited Elizabeth Bishop's house, then took the scenic route home, stopping to pick up lobster pie for dinner.

The beach!! It was cool and blustery, with a storm rolling in, but that didn't stop us from having a picnic by the shore and getting our feet wet. It was the best.

My friend Andy (he of the growler cozy) made me pizza – and beer. So delicious! Also, if anyone ever gives me static about my yarn stash, I'm going to tell them a thing or two about what a home brewer's stash looks like. Way more impressive than a dozen skeins of sock yarn, I'll tell you what.

A beautiful morning on Citadel Hill. Ate brunch at EDNA –  I'd recommend it in a second.

Familiar sights in Halifax Harbour.

I loved these wild rose bushes, creeping right down to the water. Bumped into long-lost friends at the farmer's market – a serendipitous meeting!

Revisited an old favourite: books and coffee, hard to go wrong.

Stopped by campus for a bit of a wander. The students were starting to trickle back, but for the most part it was just me and the bumblebees in the gardens.

This is the colour that I think of when I think of Nova Scotia. I walked under these skies to meet other friends for dinner – more pizza! Again, absolutely delicious.

A quick trip to Yarmouth to visit my friend Sherrie in her new old house. We walked back to the camp and spent the afternoon at the lake. Now that is a view!

Meanwhile, her husband Adam was tending to the bees. I was fascinated but didn't dare get too close.

Soon enough (too soon) I was homeward bound.

Now I'm back in the city with my nose to the grindstone. Already thinking about next summer's trip...

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  1. one of these days i'm going to travel to NS. also, mother's cousins are in PEI. looks like a perfect summer get away!


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