Monday, September 8, 2014

Still chipping away at my African flower hexagon afghan. The end of the crochet-along is now in sight, and with two weeks to go and 44 hexes under my belt, I'm looking at an impressive to-do list.

Or maybe finishing the last 19 hexes, sewing in all the ends, and crocheting it all together into something that vaguely resembles a blanket will be easy to achieve in the next 15 days (she said wryly).

But deadline notwithstanding, I'm still enjoying this project – working on motifs is pretty satisfying, because it doesn't take long to finish each square, in the grand scheme of things. So although school started again last week, and despite the fact that I've got a series of writing projects on the docket, and – well, you've seen me list my current WIPs – I'm still happy to take half an hour here and there to cross another hex off my list.

Slow and steady wins the race (or, at least, gets the blanket finished) – right?

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