Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sneak steek peek: Trefoil Cardigan

On Sunday, well rested and with the benefit of a bright spring sun shining through the windows, I finally tackled the next step in the making of my Trefoil Cardigan – actually making it into a cardigan.

First, though, the sewing-in of ends. This didn't take long. I find it oddly satisfying, even.

Next, assembling the tools. And a bit of studying up: if you're like me and like to read before you try something new, you'll find good advice from Kate, Glenna and Elinor

A running stitch up the middle (almost the middle – for some reason this steek was an even number of stitches, I won't do that again) provides a bit of guidance.

Next up: two lines of crochet reinforce the edges. I'm not the world's most able crocheter, so this took some time.

The crochet – one line done from top to bottom, the other from bottom to top – pulls away from the middle, which makes it easy to see where to cut.

A slightly different perspective on things. I pulled out the line of yarn I'd stitched up the middle, then put a piece of foam core inside the sweater as insurance. Then I got out my scissors.

In cases like this, where the tendency is to get all twitterpated ("Cut my knitting?!" cue swoon), I find it useful to ask What would Elizabeth Zimmermann do? She'd grab the scissors and get moving. Carefully, deliberately, but with an air of interest and experimentation rather than trepidation. (Actually, that's a good approach to life.) But I digress.

After all the prep work, the actual cutting is a bit of a non-event. Five minutes later, I had a cardigan – well almost. There are still button bands to finish:

And pockets to steek and knit, and buttons to sew on, and blocking to do. But soon, soon, I'll be finished. And I can't wait to show you what I'm making next!

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