Saturday, April 13, 2013

Floating along

 It's been quiet over here, as I plug away on a variety of work-related projects and try to ignore the grey, wet weather we've been having. In my attempts to keep spirits bright I've been buying flowers and baking cakes like crazy. And knitting.

I finally finished the second sleeve of my Trefoil cardigan earlier in the week. Suddenly it started looking like an actual sweater.

Now the fun part begins. I love the colours the sweater uses – and was surprised to see them echoed so clearly on my bookshelves when I stacked them all up earlier.

I love stranded colour work. It's fascinated me for ages and I still find it extremely rewarding. I love trying to make the back as neat as the front. 

After a couple decades of on-and-off colour work, I think I'm finally getting to a place where I can keep my floats consistent – not too tight, not too loose. It requires a certain focus – one that's been helpful as the ice pellets and the wind and the snow pelted my windows this week. 

As I work, I envision myself wearing this as I gather with my cabinmates after a long day of crafting at Squam Lake. The blue of the sky, reflected in the water; the green of the leaves on the omnipresent trees; the yellow and orange of the campfire. This late-season snow will be a distant memory by then. And so I knit.

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