Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer skies

Casting off a sweater in July – even a short-sleeved one – doesn't have the same instant gratification of casting off in October. Within hours of finishing my Audrey in Unst, the skies opened up, and when the rain was over, we were in the thick of another stretch of the hot, humid weather that is so typical of a southern Ontario summer. I folded up my new sweater and put it away without wearing it. 

For a week now, it's been hot and humid. The air is thick, and if anything is happening, it's not happening very fast. I took a break from knitting to stitch up this quick Zodiac Embroidery Kit from Miniature Rhino, another souvenir from this year's Squam Art Fair. It took less than an hour – a great idea for a birthday gift. 

In keeping with the celestial theme, today I brought home the yarn and beads for Celestarium, a circular shawl that represents the Northern night sky, with beads for stars. I decided way back in November that this would be my summer vacation knitting project, and although the vacation keeps getting shorter, I'm really looking forward to casting on. It seems I need my knitting projects to be a bit more engaging  than socks, and this shawl – which is based entirely on charts, so requires a certain amount of attention – should fill the bill.

(And what better excuse to re-watch Battlestar Galactica, right? Right!)

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  1. How did I miss these Squam purchases? I must not have asked. (Bad roommate!) The embroidery looks great and I'll be interested in seeing your shawl progress. It's a great pattern.


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