Saturday, November 2, 2013

November 2

A grey day today: glowering skies, wind whipping through the trees, and rain that varied from a romantic Scotch mist to the sort of driving force that somehow forces water up your sleeves as you walk home, despite the best efforts of your umbrella and your mittens and the general principles of gravity. 

After a long, mild fall, the trees in my neighbourhood are finally shedding their leaves, and I'm predicting many bare branches by Monday morning. Walking home tonight in the gloaming, I saw the Japanese maple on the corner practically glowing in the dark; the pale hydrangea three doors down were almost iridescent, beads of water on every petal, shimmering in the light from the front porch. The people next door have a new golden retriever puppy, a cheerful, bumbling ball of fluff who doesn't seem to mind the weather at all. I should be so lucky.

And so tonight, a comfort-food dinner: a hearty slice of country bread, layered with bright green kale (simmered in chicken stock with a bit of tomato paste and some sautéed onions stirred in), and topped with a fried egg. One pan, one bowl, one fork, one knife; simple but deeply satisfying. Rice pudding seems like the natural follow-up, but tonight ice cream filled the bill. We're on the cusp of winter; there will be many other nights for a dessert cooked low and slow, filling the house with the scents of vanilla and nutmeg. I'll save it for another, colder day.

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