Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 25 and 26

A bit of a random assortment today.

1) After a brief cold snap, the kind that brings brilliant sunshine and the smell of imminent snow, we seem to be back to dreary November days. Grey, overcast, drizzly; the sort of day that feels as though it slides from pre-dawn to dusk in under an hour. The branches are bare now; the only things up in the trees are squirrel nests (in the crooks of the branches) and wasp nests (dangling precariously from the ends of said branches). Days like this leave me craving a peculiar set of comforts: milky tea, banana bread with chocolate chips and coconut, a sweater in soft pink alpaca. Some are easier to rustle up than others.

2) Last night I went to watch the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who in 3-D; my friend Lisa's awesome idea. We weren't late but we certainly weren't early, at least not by the standards of the Whovians. We ended up just five rows back from the screen, necks craned. Still, I loved it. It was great to be there amid a group of fans, and I loved hearing the laughter ripple through the theatre any time there was an in-joke on screen. People were wearing their special outfits: huge striped scarves, Tardis shirts and dresses and bags and fascinators, a tuque shaped like a Dalek. I wore my Tardis cowl and talked knitting with a girl in the next row. Combine Doctor Who with knitting and you start to develop a very specific common language.

3) I'm still working on that hat. I thought I'd finish this morning – tea, knitting and a (very recent) re-run seemed like a good start to my day off.

Unfortunately, I wasn't paying attention when I planned (ahem, "planned") my decreases, which resulted in a very skew-whiff crown and then some very ruthless ripping back. I'm still not finished. There's always tomorrow. 

4) Banana bread with (chocolate chips and) coconut. You should try it. Perfect for a rainy November day, or a snowy one. Whatever you wake up to tomorrow will be better with a slice of that bread.

5) Apparently Christmas is just around the corner. It seemed like it was all-Christmas carols all-the-time out in the world today; after the third round of "Santa Baby" I caved and bought Christmas cards. That's a good three weeks early by my usual standards. Anyway, I think these ornaments, aka "Wesley Bobs" are pretty neat.

That's all for now. Stay safe and warm and dry, and be good to one another.

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