Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 23 – That night

One of the good things about living in Toronto, I suppose, is that it is full of little nooks and crannies that are just there waiting to be explored. Today I had coffee with a friend in the west end – I'd never have discovered that part of the city if not for her. Thanks, Carolyn! (We went to Hello, Darling – super cute.)

Much later, with dinner done and the dishes washed, all the laundry finally put away, I went for a walk in a more familiar part of town. The air was cool and the clouds that had dogged the day had mostly blown away. The sidewalks were busy and the patio at the local pub was packed, people wearing sunglasses against the setting sun. In the park next to the church, little kids played soccer.

I decided on a whim to walk home through the graveyard – if you're looking for an unlikely workout, can I recommend finding yourself in the middle of a cemetery at dusk?  The security guard rolled up in a car and told me he'd be locking the gates in five minutes, and I don't think I've ever hustled through Mt. Pleasant that fast in my life. I'm not worried about ghosts, but I'd really rather not get locked in there with the racoons and coyotes, thanks all the same.

The Beltline trail took me home. Trees arch overhead, mostly, but at one point it pops out onto a bridge that crosses Yonge Street for a hundred metres or so. In the clear evening air I could see almost all the way to the lake, the CN tower a beacon in the distance. What clouds there were, were tinged with yellow and pink; iridescent, like mother of pearl. Vapour trails crisscrossed the sky; subway trains rumbled beneath. It was a perfect summer evening.

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