Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 8 – Rainy afternoons and cherry cake

It seems to rain every Tuesday lately – my own suspicions confirmed by the damp and bedraggled vendors at the local farmer's market, who might be forgiven for starting to take it personally. After hours of showers this afternoon, the clouds rolled back and there was an hour or so of brilliant sunshine and cool breezes. I dashed out, hoping to pick up some berries, but the cloudless skies weren't enough to coax the actual farmers back to the park, and there wasn't much produce to be had. I was disappointed: Mexican chocolate and bison sausage and ice cream sandwiches are great, but they don't really work on top of your morning cereal.

In the end, I abandoned the market and wandered down to the corner store that sells fruit and flowers. At this time of year they're doing double-duty in succulents, and the sidewalk display mixes potted hens and chicks with overflowing boxes of raspberries and strawberries and big ripe Morello cherries. I bought big bags of each, sneaking cherries as I walked home through the park, fingers stained red. I wasn't too hungry for dinner.
All week I've had a craving for a bundt cake, and last night I found myself paging through cookbooks and considering a late-night trip to the store for sugar, imagining staying up late to bake a rich, almond-scented pound cake, ready to toast for breakfast. Today, though, I'm thinking about this one, which has pecans and cherries and would probably be delightful served still warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Maybe tomorrow I'll make it to the baking aisle.

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