Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4 – This way madness lies

I've been swept up into a crochet-along at work. I tried to hold fast, but let's face it: I'll take any excuse to stock up on Tanis Fiber Arts yarn. The portability of this project is appealing, too – no big pieces to trail in your lap on a warm day.

The motif of choice is the so-called "African Flower" (why not violet? I have no idea) hexagon. There's a free tutorial available online, and some of the finished projects look amazing – in addition to afghans, there are teddy bears, rhinos, elephants, and my favourite, a dragon.

I had every intention of keeping it simple and making a baby blanket with as many squares as I could finish by Labour Day. But then I started wondering just how many combinations I could get out of my palette...

And soon I had Excel open, working it out line by line (because 360 possible combinations is about 358 too many to keep in my head). I also know that when it comes to long-term projects like this, my secret to success is to make it easy to keep track of my progress. Now I have a 6-page to-do list, which makes it both more daunting and less...nope, not less anything, actually.

Will I go for all 360? I haven't quite decided on that part yet – if I do, I'll need to start making 6 of these a day! (That might be a no, then.) Onward!

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